Women in the age of risk

The risk of osteoporosis in women over the age of 50 that osteoporosis was detained more

With aging, which is one of the growing discomfort among the people known as bone resorption in half the risk of osteoporosis in women over the age of 50 were reported.

Kocaeli University (KOU) Head of Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Nigar Dursun, AA correspondent, said in a statement, adding that the rapid increase in the elderly population in many countries around the world, the number of people aged over 60 in the world in 2000 reached 600 million, he added.

Striking the elderly population is increasing rapidly in Turkey, let alone 3.5 million elderly people in Turkey have”. Percent of the country’s population in 2025, 9.7 percent over 65 years and shows that,” he said.

Prof. Dr. Let alone between the dates of March 18 to 24 every year is celebrated as”” Week of Respect for the Aged, recalling old age,” he said,” life is a very special period.

EVEN A SIMPLE FRACTURE can cause coughs

With aging, the emergence of many diseases, let alone voicing, said:

” Seniors should be handled carefully, and follow-up must be disposed of preventable diseases. What is the disease to be treated, the elderly age-appropriate environments and facilities should be provided during these treatments. For example, osteoporosis is a major health problem, and post-menopausal women with advancing age in both sexes, a bone disease that often. The resulting increase or decrease in bone resorption of bone disease that causes an increase in bone tissue weakness and fragility. Even simple functions, such as falls and even coughing can cause fractures in people with osteoporosis.”


Draws attention to the presence in the world, let alone more than 200 million patients with osteoporosis, 80 percent of these patients are women, osteoporosis in post-menopausal women at least 30 percent of the sightings emphasized.

Prof. Dr. Nigar Dursun, said:

” Research has shown that half of women over the age of 50, one-quarter of the men, the next show will develop fractures due to osteoporosis during their lifetime. If we were to compare it to other health problems in women over the age of 50 during the next life, the risk of hip fracture, breast, uterine and ovarian cancer risk is the total development. The frequency of osteoporosis in women over 50 years of age, thin, slim, slender ones, early menopause entrants çıkmayanlar enough to the sun, smoking, excessive caffeine drinkers are more areas.