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What is the right care for oily hair at home

What is the right care for oily hair at home

The reason for the increase in the fat content of the hair The main reason for the increase in oily hair is the fact that the sebaceous glands that are attached to the follicles of the scalp secrete excessive fat.

The high activity of these glands can be caused by excessive hormones in the body, so often adolescents in the so-called transition age face the problem of increased fat content. You can learn from a dermatologist or cosmetician how to properly treat oily hair and how to wash it in this case.

If this problem occurs in an older person, and suddenly, you should immediately consult a dermatologist or trichologist who will schedule an examination and test, and their results will help determine the cause of excess fat.
The main reasons for this phenomenon may be:
hormonal impairment caused by dysfunction of the thyroid, pancreas or adrenal glands;
disruption of the nervous system; the presence of diseases of the digestive system; The presence of various infections in the body.
 In addition, increased secretion of sebaceous glands is usually a family trait, so heredity is one of the causes of this phenomenon.
In most cases, people stimulate sebum removal by their actions and lifestyles.

What is the right care for oily hair at home
What is the right care for oily hair at home

How to look and wash oily hair

Unfortunately, most women are completely confident that you can eliminate glare from your hair with frequent washing. However, it is far from this and frequent visits to the soul make the situation worse.

 This leads to a lack of moisture compensated for by the increase in the density of the sebaceous glands. How to treat oily hair properly? For maintenance to be accurate and effective, it must consist of three mandatory steps.

gentle but thorough cleaning with individually selected shampoos; intensive moisturizing with balsam and rinsing; Use of additional measures and tools (masks, air conditioners, liquids). Complete home care for oily hair should be commensurate with the tests they need to endure each day: iron-on straightening, hot hair-dryer drying, curling, curling, polishing or monthly dyeing, chlorinated water, and so on. and use the right tools.
When choosing products for high-quality oily hair care, one basic rule should be remembered: the soft detergent will be the foundation, they will feel better. The fact is that frequent washing disrupts the scalp and, even if aggressive agents are used, this forces their glands to activate and increase fat production.
This results in a “vicious cycle – – the hair is quickly lubricated, washed more often, which increases sebum production and repeats the wash. Proper and regular care for oily hair means to wash them skillfully. It is best to wash your hair with warm water that is not 3 degrees higher than body temperature.
Apply shampoo twice to deal with, gently diluted with water and bubbling palms. It is desirable to reduce the number of procedures to 2 per week; wash your hair every 2-3 days. Suitable shampoo should not contain oil, fat, paraben and SLS.
 In addition, the instrument should not exceed the scalp, otherwise the secretion of fat will only increase.

Let your hair have more volume
Let your hair have more volume

The shampoo should contain the maximum amount of natural substance and wash the oils thoroughly. Apply only the masks and balsams needed by pulling back 2-3 centimeters from the skin.
Place funds in your fund exactly as specified in the instructions you need. After this time, you should first wash the mask or balsam with warm water and then with cold water.
More detailed and accurate tips and advice for the care of oily hair can be obtained from the tricot doctor, cosmetologist or dermatologist doctor, who still need to be consulted if it is not possible to improve their condition.