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weather changed, your hair did not change

The weather is changing, our clothes change and we want to change our hair with these changes. Of course, we are turning our eyes to new hair trends. I think this season, the coloration trends in the lead roles were clear! These lead roles are Göl Tiger Eye ”and iger Bottom Shading Bu. Now let’s take a closer look at these trends!

Tiger Eye and Dip Shading
Tiger Eye and Dip Shading

Vanessa Bruno, who prefers natural colors in her designs, outlines her vision in the collection with the promise of ir Nothing is more accurate than natural coloring şey for the colors in the hair.

Tiger’s eye This coloring technique enables us to get natural or dark hair. Light caramel tones.

Of course this is ultimately the effect of oil-based, ammonia-free INOA hair dye

Tiger Eye trendi
Tiger Eye trendi

One of the most popular hair color trends of the last period is the Dip Shading technique. This technique creates a natural transition at the bottom of the hair to help light the entire hair.

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