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We can’t resist this trend platinum bob hair

We can’t resist this trend platinum bob hair ,

We look closely at platinum bob hair!
One of the hair colors most suited to Bob haircuts is the platinum shades! One of the most attractive shades of yellow, platinum yellow, short bob hair combined with the modern city woman’s coolest appearance comes out. If you want to change your hair in the new season, you can think of platinum bob haircut.

So, which platinum hair color suits you, which face goes to the bob haircut? We’ve created a great guide to find out if the platinum bob trend will suit you. Platinum hair color and platinum hair hairstyles are also available as a bonus.

We can't resist this trend platinum bob hair
We can’t resist this trend platinum bob hair

What is the platinum bob trend?
Platinum hair color is one of the brightest tones of light yellow. According to its tone, the platinum yellow, which has reflections in silver or diamond shades, suits the skins of light skins. Bob’s hair trend is a long-term hair cut, not falling from the trend lists for many years. When these 2 trends come together, this looks cool or cool!

Which bob cut fit your face shape?
Depending on the shape of the face to learn the bob haircut, you must first examine the shape of the face. If you have a round face shape, the bob cuts on your shoulders will suit you. Separating the side of the hair will bring out the facial features. If you have heart-shaped facial lines, you should evaluate the long bob haircut. The long bob or lobe hair cuts the sharp image on the chin and produces a more homogenous image.

If you have an oval face shape, you should use the bulky bob model. Instead of shaping the ends of the Bob haircut straight, you can choose wavy hairstyles and make your face look wider. Square hairs, bob hair cut corners, hair cuts should stay away from. You can make a vintage hairstyle by curling the ends of your hair in order to round the face line.

Platinum hair color is quite clear, even close to a hair color. So it looks great on open skins as in other light tones! However, if you have a brown / brown skin tone, you should prefer warmer, warmer yellow hair colors.

If your hair is not in very light shades but in dark tones, we recommend you to get help from a professional rather than painting platinum hair color at home. Since you need to open the hair color, this application, especially if you are going to open the hair color for the first time with the support of a specialist hairdresser must do.