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These mistakes disrupt the skin beauty

The desire to look beautiful, hiding the findings of old age and the desire to appear younger continue to increase

Using products without testing: The biggest side effect of skin care products and make-up is allergic reactions. Before you buy a product, you should take the test product and use it. Especially those with sensitive skin should make it a rule. Because if you take the test product and use it, you will test whether you have allergic reactions on your skin.

These mistakes disrupt the skin beauty
These mistakes disrupt the skin beauty

Sleep without cleaning the makeup: Do not over-make and over-use during the day. The face must be cleaned, especially before going to bed. Because when you sleep with a make-up on your face, the pores in your skin become clogged and the sebum that is formed on your skin cannot come out of the clogged pores, which may cause the skin to become acne in your skin and may irritate your skin and cause irritation in the eyes. Moisturizer should be applied to the cleaned skin. At the time of the makeup, the skin should be cleaned first and then moisturized and the skin is expected to absorb the moisturizer and then processed.

pimple squeezing : When you squeeze your acne, whatever it is that clogs the pore comes out, but most of it stays under the skin. But somehow every time you squeeze your acne, it seems like the most appropriate solution to an ugly problem.

Sleep disorder: Sleep disorder is a factor that affects your overall balance. Late sleep, sleep deprivation negatively affects your skin, as well as other organs. Sleep irregularity causes your skin to look calm and not worn. Be sure to pay attention to your sleep system to repair your body.

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