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The most trendy hair colors of 2019 Baby yolk and baby brunette

With the arrival of the summer months, the more popular yellow and auburn hair color is also preferred this year. However, the most important criterion of 2019 hair trends was the natural appearance. Women who do not want their hair to look like dyed but want to be blonde have recently preferred baby yellow and baby auburn. So, who is the preferred color for many young and old baby doll and baby doll hair color?

It is thought that dark skinned babies should not prefer baby yellow and baby doll hair color is most suitable for light-skinned women. In other words, hair experts, these colors should be preferred by white and wheat-skinned women.

Hair designers to determine the color of skin and eye color to choose the color that will bring more successful results, saying that hair designers, each color also has different models in the opinion. So what models with baby blonde hair and brown hair can make their hair look more beautiful?

Medium Straight Hairstyles
Princess wavy hair styles
Long Straight Smooth Hair Styles
Light Wavy Hair Style
Shoulder line segments
Straight cuts

There are no doubt that your hair will come to the forefront with the use of these models. However, there is another point to be considered regarding these hair colors. She also takes care of the hair.

Baby yolk and baby brunette , So how is care?

Do not forget to care: Moisture is very important for your hair. You can easily take this moisture thanks to the care cream. Dyed hair is a must in.

Do not wash your hair immediately after dyeing: Dye hair does not fit fully when you wash it immediately can flow and dull, wait an average of 36 hours in it. This is also a simple suggestion but is considered a maintenance.

Use a moisturizing hair mask: The hair care mask you use will ensure that your dye lasts longer. It also ensures that you do not have any problems with the brightness point.

Reduce your blow dryer time: If your hair is exposed to blow dryer too much, it will shorten the life of your dye. Significantly reduce this time.