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Hair, makeup and personal care area, brand name, TRIO Hairdresser ‘s hair team, fell in love with the romantic brides and models of per-point preference for flying with a modern twist knob stated that the model is indispensable

The weather starts to warm slowly, last spring into summer these days, marriage and wedding ceremonies as well as the experienced periods of concentration. Weather permitting, the organization of space and wants to have a smooth, well-liked point mentioned by the candidates aimed at a wedding is one of the most important steps in preparing the individual for the “per point”, ie the hair …

Which has become the owner of the brand in the field of hairdressing TRIO KUAFÖR Sebahattin Khan, years of experience in the wedding preparation process draws attention to the psychological aspect. Every bride wants to achieve over the years, as a point of an image is formed and the prospective bride Khan said this idea came to them, “For this reason, a very important point to listen to the candidates. After learning about the candidate wants to point to the image in full, the place of the wedding, the space features, model and color of the wedding dress, the groom evaluating many criteria such as length of the candidate, determine a suitable hairstyle. Have reached an agreement with bride-to-do hairstyle in advance to insure one or two times. Thus, does not cause any risk, “he says.

Bridal hair bun model is indispensable. However, if you have love among couples, this is directly reflected in the mood of the bride and groom candidates romantic love, is able to choose her hair flying. I mean, love, manifest themselves in the hair model.

If the bride and groom a long boyluysa there is little difference between the size, increase the models hair length is deprecated. The remaining applications, even if the bun is carried out as follows. 15 days before the wedding to be taken care of hair do, paint, paint application needs to be taken to be made. Instead of a single color and a dark color, especially in softer tones and shadow, shimmer with the hair is recommended. Meanwhile, the difference in tone hair, an image is much more beautiful with the light.

Bridal candidate facial features is very hard, never deprecated in a tight bun. Generally, the prospective bride for marriage decision taken before the wedding, mostly Sebahattin Khan saying that the long-haired, medium-length hair, hairpiece, if desired, with the length of the prolonged the report says.

In the short-haired bride and bride wants to be like that, fairy tales and wag’lı, wet video applications can be made.

The most important feature is the beginning point of the model is resistant to … Hair, asked to remain intact for a whole day and night. Because the bride faces losing candidates falling laminations form the most uncomfortable after a while. For this reason, the most preferred model bun. A modern twist on a classic infrastructure, however, by li, representing today’s trend caught Trio Hair Team, veil, and her hair is also very important model should be chosen to cover the models, he says.

In recent years, natural-looking hair in the desired intensity, but the past year saw a bit more demanding, labor-intensive models and modern knobs said.

Close to the natural color of hair color shades Bridal candidates are preferred. Because it shows pictures of their children after many years, as the closest natural state want to look the most beautiful.