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Rose quartz hair color

As the new year approaches, we look more and more warmly about changing our hair color. If you have a tendency to try a different trend or even colored hair recently, we have a suggestion that you will love: Rose quartz hair! Now, how about exploring this trend with us?

As you may have guessed, this hair trend takes its name from quartz stone. This golden-pink color of quartz stone, which has healing, keep fit and maintain emotional balance, gives hair a totally different atmosphere.

2020 trend Rose quartz hair color
2020 trend Rose quartz hair color

Who is this hair color suitable for?

Since it is a light color, we must say that it suits light skinned. On light skin color, it will create a very cool appearance with its sweet sparkles.

If you want a long-lasting rose quartz hair color and your hair is dark you have to lighten your hair. However, if your hair is in light tones, you can try the color of rose quartz without opening your hair, this color is very suitable for you.