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Romantic Bun

Romantic Bun

If you have a special invitation to attend recently, you have experienced it! Two awesome bun models. If you like romantic and elegant styles, you’re sure to like one of these knobs. If you want to feel like a princess at the invitation you will attend, read on.

Romantic bun
If you like romantic messy bun models, you should try this style. First make your hair a messy ponytail and drop the tiny tufts of hair from the edges and the middle of your forehead. Then take the small tufts from the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail. The more loose you wrap those tufts, the more natural you will look. When you have finished all the tufts in the ponytail, you can fix the bun with hairspray.

If you want to make a heavier and more classic mace for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve or wedding, this mace is for you. First straighten your hair and ponytail around your neck. Then shape the knob with a thick knit style. Whether you do the knitting often or large and shabby, you prefer!

Princess crown
Who says only princesses wear crowns? You can also choose the crowns to make you feel like a princess at special events.