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Pixie Short Hairstyle

From the front to the back, the shortened pixie haircuts are ideal for those who want to change their appearance and add a little bit of rebellion! This hair model does not need to be shaped because the back part of the hair is shaped with natural volume due to the layers.

Pixie Short Hairstyle
Pixie Short Hairstyle

If you have white hair in your hair and often dip paint, we have to say that after the shorter hair cuts, this appearance may be more because the longer the hair becomes, the more white the visibility of the whites will increase. It is not difficult to easily prevent this situation! L’OrĂ©al Paris Magic Retouch You can easily turn off the white hair with the Instant Concealer Spray for Whites.

In the first shampooing you can apply the Magic Retouch, which is cleaned from the hair, to its temples, to the bottom of your hair and you can look perfect.

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