Nutrition for Beauty

Nutrition for Beauty
Do you know the right nutrition really nice? Of course yes. However, this will not happen overnight. Fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, cereal and dairy products, natural and the right mixture of your body becomes more resistant.

If you feel better, you will see that you will not be vaccinated within a few weeks. Then it will be better. In short, beauty comes from inside.

Nutritionists rank the beauty factor as the best beauty factor:
A SMOOTH SKIN sunflower seed or pumpkin seeds to eat a little each day. This element is based on zinc-containing nuclei. Zinc deficiency in the body of the skin more quickly causes wrinkling.

Also eat kiwi in the morning and in the evening. It stimulates the circulation of vitamin C and as a result this fruit nourishes the skin better. Vitamin A is important for soft skin.

Balikyada has a large amount of this vitamin. Read a treatment for three months, two weeks.
BRIGHT HAIR GUR eat four eggs per week. There is plenty of sulfur in the egg that gives shine to the hair. Foods containing plenty of protein (meat, fish, poultry, cheese) are eaten with lush hair salad. Because keratin protein for hair proteins is 97 percent.

BRIGHT EYES Carrot is cooked three times a week to consume a small amount of vegetable oil. Vitamins A and E in carrot strengthen vision and give shine to eyes. Elemental selenium eyes protect the disease microbes because they contain bran, rye bread.

POWERFUL TEETH eat yogurt every day. Yogurt has protein which is important for nail formation. Gelatin powder increases this effect. Eat broken nails against walnuts and peanuts. Both quotes include biotin that hardens. Eat 150 grams of lean healthy tooth cheese twice a day.

Cheese calcium strengthens the teeth, strengthens the teeth. It is also important to keep fish and poultry tight on the teeth. They have phosphor hardening teeth.

TENSION A glass of pineapple juice twice a day between meals for breast. Bromine, which contains a large amount of enzyme, Anana tightens the tissue. Tablespoon vegetable oil in the morning before breakfast in a soup, free radicals and harmful substances from the cells you renew.