New Trend Half Horse Tail

New Trend Half Horse Tail

Are you ready to try half ponytail hair?
We love to try out new hair trends with the new season! We especially missed trying different hairstyles in our hair, especially in cool weather! If you like to be one of the first to try new hairstyles, you’ll love the half ponytail hairstyle.

The half-ponytail model, which looks quite young and sporty, is a model that will fit into the “back to school” period! If you follow the back-to-school trends, you may already be familiar with the half ponytail hairstyle! As the editors of, we also interpreted the half ponytail model. Let’s see when you try.

Half Ponytail Hairstyle Trend
In the half ponytail hair trend, instead of all the hair, only the top tuft of ponytail is made. So half of the hair is bulk, half looks open. Half-ponytail makes her face more taut when she pulls her hairstyle tight, helping to reveal facial features.

If you are going to use this hairstyle in a more elegant environment, we recommend you to collect it by waving your hair.

suggestion: If you want your hair to be above the ponytail, you should bend your hair upside down while collecting the ponytail. So you can make your hair a high ponytail.

Half-ponytail hairstyle is very good with straight hair! Especially with shiny and smooth-looking straight hair, quite cool styles emerge. You can use Kiehl’s Heat Protective Silk Straighteng Cream to make your hair look radiant and smooth. This hair care conditioner makes your hair look straight for a long time, while at the same time protecting it from the heat of the straightener.

You can also choose a half ponytail for special events. You can make a stylish half ponytail hairstyle on the way to your best friend’s birthday party. We recommend using a hair accessory to make your hair look more elegant. In addition, you can get fuller hair by creping before collecting your hair for a slightly cooler style.

Half-ponytail hairstyle is a great choice for romantic dates

Those who are bored of the classic hairstyles in the autumn season will be able to collect the energy they are looking for with their half horsetail model. For those who don’t even want to see the classic bun model on Monday mornings at business meetings, it would be a great alternative to collect half hair.

To add a different touch to the half ponytail hairstyle, you can evaluate the ribbon hair accessories. By evaluating the colorful buckles from the summer season in autumn, you can also bring the colorful fashion to the new season!

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