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My New hair colour

Damaged Hair Natural Care ,Hair loss can have many causes, and things will look better the less …

Hair loss can have many causes. Styling products, harsh winter winds, the hot summer sun, changes in hormone levels, and the list goes on … However, just as things will look better than less.

Healthy diet. Your hair needs to eat, so feeding your healthy diet and make sure yourself from the inside out. Essential nutrients for healthy hair vitamins A and C, iron, zinc, biotin, contains B vitamins and protein. Diet beans, nuts, legumes, havut, citrus fruits and dark leafy greens, make sure that covered the.

My New hair colour
My New hair colour

Protect your hair with nature. Wear a hat, a cold wet winter morning, leaving the house … especially if your hair is longer than your hair, the best way to capture them. Hair is not just a cold, the sun will also be damaged. Scarves, bandanas or hats may be activated here again, spend more time outside, especially the time.

If your hair is getting less shampoo shampoo every day, and you should stop using it. If you feel that you have to break down your hair with fresh water every day, and then try to use only the cream. Thus, shampoo your hair will be a day or two. Remember to select and use the shampoo according to your hair.

Play with your hair. Light will make your scalp and massage, can cause your hair to spread the natural oil. Especially good to do your hair before washing. Hair oil, hair nutrition and increase the brightness of the most important natural resource.

Humidifier maintenance and be pampered. To do this, except that many cosmetic products that you can apply in your home there are simple formulas: jojoba or olive oil and massage into your hair and scalp simply. Although oily hair and then for 10 minutes in hot towels (or hair by how bad is longer than that). Then wash as usual shape. Moreover, this application is also very good hands in the future