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Most Exclusive Hair Colors of Summer and Autumn Season

Most Exclusive Hair Colors of Summer and Autumn Season : After the bright shades of the warm climate, darker and hybrid hair colors are at the forefront this season. Discover the 10 most exclusive hair colors of 2018-19 summer and autumn season: red , blonde yellows, hide ,and seek pinks and warmly reflected blacks.

Coffee, caramel and yellow; A combination of contrast tufts of bright amber color is compatible with any skin tone, sexapel is a high dose and a wild color. Shiny amber, simple haircuts and straight hair to add energy to favorites.

Double Espresso
As with all other colors, coffees are getting darker this season. The most intense and dark form of coffee espresso, brown hair will continue the same air.

Most Exclusive Hair Colors of Summer and Autumn Season
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Cinnamon Yellow
The light shades of cinnamon that combine the charm of blonde hair and the sexapel of red are among the new choices of those who want to try a different color in their hair. This tone with pastel notes adds fresh calm to your beauty.

Dark Bronde
Blond hair, which is difficult to care for, is treated with the bronze color that blink to the coffee. Hot or cold, according to the color of your skin with the lower tone you prefer bronde, this season has a darker and deeper reflection.

Raven Black
The bright black, blinking blue, warmer and more intense this season. Unlike the cooling air, this warms color is perfect for making a sharp frame on your face during winter beauty.

Caramel Sparkles
For those who want to add movement to their dark hair, this season will apply caramel balm. Caramel emits warmer shades instead of yellow tones in winter, the most popular way to brighten dark hair.

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