Hair Styles

Let your hair have more volume

Let your hair have more volume , We have the solution of the thin wire and the deflated hair!
‘Help! My hair is so straight and lifeless, it looks dull immediately after washing! ” Do you think things like that? No need to worry, we have the solution of flat, extinguished hair! The important thing is not to use a lot of products, but to use the right product for your hair. You won’t believe what your hair looks like when you use the right products. Now take a look at our advice!

Step 1: Clean hair
First of all, start with washing your hair. Even if you have time to enjoy a nice bath is not bad! If you use a special treatment cream for fine haired hair which gives volume after shampooing your hair, the hair that grows over time will be strengthened and re-made.

Step 2: Maintenance oil
You don’t need to use a conditioner every time you wash your hair, but you can use care oil after the bath. If you spray spray against heat before drying, the formation of fractures on the hair ends is prevented.

Step 3: Dried upside down
Try to dry as much as you can while you dry your hair. By doing so you get an instant fluffy look in your hair.

Step 4: Extra Volume
When it comes to styling, you should squeeze a spray that increases the volume of hair while drying, and should scan from the root to the tip. This provides an extra volume of hair. You’il see the difference immediately.

Step 5: Knob
One of the best ways to make your hair all wet while your hair is wet is not only giving volume to your hair but also shaping it without the need for heat. When it dries open the knob, gently scan and squeeze the fixing spray to make your final move!