What is the right care for oily hair at home

known bugs for more bushy hair to appear

Let’s see what you’re doing wrong.
It is a pity that we see that her hair is gradually thinning and that there is no trace of her old fuller appearance un You are trying to make your hair look denser and more dense, but there is still no improvement in volume and density? Maybe what you did to make your hair look fuller could actually damage your hair. For this reason, we listed the correct known mistakes to make the hair look bushy. Let’s see what you’re doing wrong.

Wrong: Not to use care serum
Or are you one of those who think that your already thin hair will look even more voluminous when you use care serum? We recommend that you immediately remove this completely wrong thought! With special hair serums applied to the scalp, aiming at dilutions, the hair is invisible without volume and ensures that it gets bushy and dense. We suggest you use Vichy Neogenic Hair Care Serum.

Wrong: Do pancakes often
Do you crepe often because your hair is not lush? The crepe can help make your hair look bulky, but when you do too much it can also break and thin your hair. That’s why you shouldn’t make crepes and wear your hair.

Wrong: Wash your hair 2 times a day
Do you wash your hair twice a day because your hair looks slightly fuller after the bath? If your hair is oily, it may be normal to wash every day, but washing twice a day is harmful even for oily hair. We recommend that you wash your hair every day with Vichy Neogenic Shampoo that has a thickening, paraben-free and does not leave residue on the hair.

False: Frequently use styling
Yes, styling products are very useful, but excessive use can damage your hair. Volumizing sprays, foams when you say to look fuller hair during the day, we recommend that you avoid applying styling repeatedly.

Wrong: Drying hair at high temperature
You can have hair that looks bulky when you put your hair forward and dry it at high temperature, but in the long run you can see how high heat can damage your hair. In fact, instead of drying with high heat, you can get a fuller look when you dry your hair by giving warm air, even after styling your hair. You will also protect your hair from the harmful effects of heat.

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