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In 2019 stair haircut

In 2019 it became a mandatory element of the most elegant images. Hairdressers think they are unique. The staircase creates a perfect imitation of an oval face that looks great on any type of hair, and in addition – changes the shape to suit your taste.

In 2019 stair haircut
In 2019 stair haircut

Step haircut ladder 2019: back-to-back Cascade multi-layered hairstyles meet the main trend of today’s fashion in the most accurate way.

The complex and very individual images are created through beautiful and insignificant contours. The style of the ’70s, that is, from that time on, a ladder has entered today’s fashion, today it is at the top of its popularity. However, this hairstyle obviously cannot be called vintage, but surprisingly it fits many other styles, from other classic styles to sophisticated romances.

The technique of cutting the ladder or steps is quite simple, the hair is cut from the top of the head to the tip, in different length and depth steps. However, this hairstyle is highly professionally classified and can be entrusted to an experienced master only.

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