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How to open black hair without fraying

How to open black hair without fraying ,How to turn black hair to light color

Let’s face it, there’s usually a tendency to have lighter shades of hair in those with black hair! Or do you want your hair to be lighter? So, what should you do to make your hair turn dark without being damaged or damaged?

Black hair color

First of all, you should know that; black hair color can not switch to yellow shades in a single application. So, “I go to the hairdresser, I immediately remove my hair color aps if you have the idea that you are wrong” We should say… Hair color up to 7-8 tons first, then step by step, each application opens a few more tons.

When the hair color is first opened, an orange-like, coppery color emerges. However, this color of the hairdresser by coloring a light brown tone like auburn prevents the formation of this orange color. After that, it should take about 15 days to avoid damaging the hair. After 15 days your hair is re-opened and this time a dark yellow-like appearance appears.

If you want to look like a makeup, remnant, ombre, you can have it done after 15 days. If you want a very light color like platinum yellow, you can have it reopened after about 15 days.

How to prevent orange appearing after opening hair color?

When the black hair color is turned on, the base color is dark in tone, resulting in the hair color resulting in hot reflections, orange. This can occur even if you have tripped several times in a row.