Hair Styles

Hair style advice for men

Hair style advice for men

We have investigated the advantages and disadvantages of short and long hair for you!
There’s not a guy who doesn’t try to grow his hair, right? How long is the right choice for long hair, which is constantly fervent at young ages? Long hair care takes time and patience. Now we look closely at the long and short hair styles for you, which one suits your taste?

Short hair

Hair style advice for men

Are you one of those who go out and get your hair styled with your hands like you got out of bed on cold winter days? If you don’t spend a lot of time styling your hair, short hair is for you! This hairstyle will save you time when you wash your hair and then you can take the moisture out with just a micro fiber towel.

When it comes to styling your short hair, you can easily shape it by combing your hair backwards with the walnut-sized jelly you will take. If you are open to trying different styles, you can separate your hair from the side and shape it with jelly.

Long hair

Long-haired men need hair care and styling suggestions. In hair care, you should not miss the conditioner and mask from your bathroom. After applying hair conditioner to your hair, you should rinse with warm water for 4-5 minutes. One day a week hair mask will help your hair look more vivid and shiny.

When styling your hair, you can get support from gel and hair spray. You should take care of styling your hair according to your destination and situation. If you’re going to an important meeting, you can make a little bun. In your daily life, the ‘bun bun’, which only collects the top of your hair bun models will look quite stylish.