Hair care questions answered

Here are the main answers to questions about the care of colored hair

Dyed hair must be clean or dirty?

Does not matter if your hair is clean or dirty. In both cases, the best results available. However, before you dye your hair gel, biryantin, spray, foam brush to clean up if you have hair styling. Because a sufficient amount of hair stylers prevents the penetration of the dye. The paint will be short-term persistence.

Hair dye hair dumps?

Paint, does not shed hair. Seasonal changes, physiological disorders, hair loss is caused by conditions such as irregular eating habits.

How to clean infected skin colors?

Moisturizing cream applied to the scalp before hair dye application. At the end of the waiting period before or after washing hair washing the skin with a damp cotton, paint, cleaning is easy. Application of moisturizing cream is forgotten, soapy cloth or paint removed with the help of cotton.

Painted eyebrows and eyelashes?

With no paint eyebrows and eyelashes painted. If you want to paint your eyebrows, use a specially crafted eyebrows-eyelash dyes.

Paint applied to how much time?

Hair grows approximately 1 cm per month. With an interval of 4 to 5 weeks to paint the hair roots and hair ends need to retouch.

Henna can paint those?

Henna hair containers and forms a layer on the hair. If it is not possible to remove henna hair. For this reason, if you have henna on your hair use hair dye.

Further oxidation hair dye hair color cream used to be more pronounced, what happens?

Rates prescribed in the amount of paint box and is ideal for the most reliable results. Therefore, a different mixture is not recommended.

What should be considered when choosing colors?

In order to achieve the desired result to be obtained before the hair colouration is very good color must be identified. While detection of previously unpainted color for the hair, the hair does not exist or is less than white, natural color tone light color should be chosen. Dyed hair or dark colors can be painted the same color as before. However, her hair is dyed a lighter color before painting dekolore (Bleach) process should be implemented. In this way, the desired hair are obtained.