Foulard now used in braiding

Are you ready to color your knits with scarves?
Now that the spring season appears slowly on the calendars, it is time to be colored. We encountered a very practical and cool looking trend in 2018 spring summer trends: We combine colorful scarves with our knits. Thanks to the foulard that we wrap between the weaves, we can color even the classic weaves.

Now, instead of dealing with mixed weaves, you will be able to show even the simplest knitting patterns. Those who want to take a closer look at knitted scarf models here!

How can we use foulards for knitting?
To make your tight weaves look cooler, you should use vivid and colorful scarves. Braided bun or braided horsetail models come to the fore in spring. To make these models look more colorful, you can tie a scarf between them and make the weave look more bulky and eye-catching.

To make a difference to the classic knitting pattern, we recommend you try the side knitting. It will take up to 5 minutes to make the side knitting pattern.

You need to get out of the house quickly, but if you want to collect your hair in a cool way, you can try this hairstyle quickly. First, apply L’Oréal Paris Elseve Hair Beautifying Oil Conditioner so that her hair will be easily styled and soft. Then ponytail your hair and collect. Tie the kerchief to the hair elastic and knit it with the scarf. Finally, tie the scarf with the scarf. That’s it!

Foulard now used in braiding
Foulard now used in braiding

You know how much we love braided bun hairstyles 🙂 For this hairstyle, after adding the kerchief between the braid, you should twist your hair and give it the appearance of a bun. The harmony of the knitted bun and scarf will be very suitable for spring.

If you are confident about knitting, you should try to wear the kerchief with herringbone knitting. After half herringbone knit, tie your hair in a colorful scarf.
When choosing the kerchief you will use in your hairstyle, you must choose the appropriate shades for your hair color and clothing. If you have light-colored hair, the colorful scarves will look good on you. Dark colored hair, on the other hand, can reveal the color of the hair with scarves in shades like beige and nude.

Instead of using a hairpin, you can reach a bohemian look by knitting the scarf with a scarf and tying the end with a scarf. In summer, you’ll be able to do your beach hair easily by throwing a colorful scarf into your beach bag.

Not only in shabby and natural hairstyles, you can also use the cool bun with scarf. You can get help from the scarf to add some difference to your eye-catching knob.