Hair Styles

Bronde Fashion Starts

With this new coloring technique, yellow and brown tones come together in your hair.
Women’s preferences in hair colors are variable. Some of them are the brunettes who prefer the natural hair look and the blondes who follow the lighter hair color. In fact, although their preferences are beautiful, some women want to make changes in hair color, but making changes sometimes scares them.

You no longer have to choose “Yellow or coffee tones?!!
The secret of the Bronde trend is hidden in the word: Brown and brown blonde (blonde) is a combination of the new coloration technique with the colors of yellow and brown hair in her hair comes together. Moreover, your hair gets a brilliant look.


Bronde, ultra-technical art of shadow

In order to achieve these tones, it requires only coloring techniques that can be applied skillfully by hairdressers.

How is this application done?

Step one: Diagnosis
Depending on the skin tone, natural hair color and the desired Bronde color, the hair specialist applies the color created by the person and with a special technique. And so it’s the perfect Bronde color for every woman.

Step two: Application
Professionals’ expertise is very important at this point.