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bangs How to make the hair with care

What kind of care do you need to care for?
How to care for someone’s indispensable haircut, and the laughter that someone rides to?

Long, short, A cut, fluffy, straight, such as the kind of haircut, and you find the style of the face that suits your face, you may never give up. I think even the cynics give a more energetic, youthful look. But there is a tiny problem: the sobs are unfortunately not the wash-out haircuts and they want a little care.

bangs How to make the hair with care
bangs How to make the hair with care

And if you’re curious, and you’re wondering what it’s like to care for, protect, and shape, then here are my suggestions!

You must entrust the cutting of their teasing to professional hands

Well, you were surprised how quickly you got a little laugh, right? In order to preserve the appearance of laughter, you should take a haircut in 3 weeks. Of course, when you realize it’s growing so fast, you might want to cut yourself at home. You might even think, s If I fix it with a little scissors, nothing happens. Hatta But I would never suggest you try this, because the result will probably be frustration!

You better leave the hairdresser’s haircut to the expert hairdresser, so you can relax, and your bangs are comfortable!

Use hair care products that do not aggravate hair

You may need to take care of your hair care a bit more than ever before. It can be greased faster than the rest of your hair. For this reason, you should take care to use the hair care products that will prevent the hair from becoming heavy but can also do the care. L .Oréal Paris Elseve 3 The Miraculous Clay Aggravating Care series can be recommended for you to make it as light as a feather.

Applying hair conditioner

Hair conditioner is essential to our hair care routine! But if you want your laughter to be voluminous, you should avoid applying the hair cream to your laughter. Instead, you can use the Elseve Complete Repair 5 Dual Care Potion to easily scan your own. Since it is in spray form, this hair care product will soften it without aggravating it.

You better start shaping your laughter as soon as you get out of the bathroom. After the bath, the hair of hairs dry faster than the rest, which can cause it to become electrified and swell. For this reason, you should take the towel and dehumidifier and go to the shaping stage with the round blow dryer and blow dryer.

Since the area is very close to the forehead of the forehead, it may deteriorate when the forehead is lubricated. In order to prevent this situation, you can apply Kérastase Fix Fabulous fixing hair spray to protect your hair against 24 hours. This is the spray that does not harden the hair and does not leave any residue on the hair!