Baby mother feels emotions

Baby mother feels emotions

Baby mother feels emotions
Physical, mental, and spiritual health are being taken based on the mother’s womb. Expectant mothers stress-free as possible, a peaceful and at peace with themselves, spend a pregnancy is very important in this respect.

Meditation, holistic health of pregnant women has a positive impact both for themselves and their babies cynical Ebru indicating Meditation Instructor, Harvard, Yale, Massachusetts, such as universities, the benefits of meditation is proven by the international scientific authorities, he says.

Baby mother feels emotions
Baby mother feels emotions

The stress experienced by the pregnant women during pregnancy, even in tone is reflected, the fetus, the mother’s voice melody, rhythm and frequency of detecting the mental state of the mother, the mother said that the decision to cross the pass with the outside world and cynical, “Mother’s voice was soft, comfortable and harmonious that the fetus is signals sent by the mother and the peace of mind and confidence towards the outside world, the healthy development of the complement, “he says.

Stress is entered at any time, heart rate, high blood pressure, increased sweating nervous system, the immune system weakens and psychological health during pregnancy many physiological event that attracts a lot of attention at encountered cynical, against all the negativity in the opinion of regular meditation practice to be very useful.


Cynical, developed during meditation ‘calm awareness’ is described as calm state that takes time and stress in daily life, mothers more calm in the face of probable events that can be entered by being able to control your mind and capable of managing stress is emphasized.

From the moment the fetus begins to form the mother of the child to be born into the subconscious state of mind to settle all started settling in and all the emotions, both positive and negative effects, indicating that the baby’s future largely cynical personality development, provided the main benefits of regular meditation during pregnancy are listed as follows:

• Relax.

• Physical, mental and spiritual balance by establishing, maintaining.

• Stress and stress-related illnesses prevention.

• freedom from fear and concerns.

• increase physical and mental energy.

• Intuitive to communicate more intense as the baby.

• Increased quality of life: the course of the establishment of the normal blood circulation and heart rate, blood pressure, balance, strengthen the immune system, adrenal glands, DHEA, growth hormone on a regular basis (anti-aging hormone) secretion.

• Increasing the quality of sleep.


Şinik’e, according to the mothers of the main benefits for the baby when his regular meditation is as follows:

• Deep relaxation.

• the establishment of a relationship full of trust and love with Anne.

• Postnatal development of self-confidence in the ability of tutunabilme a full and balanced life.

• confidence in the mother’s womb to be felt and lived, due to feelings of peace and love, high sleep quality, less than other babies crying and feeding problems happen easily.

• Speaking, listening and learning capacity increase