7 bad habits that cause wrinkles around the mouth

7 bad habits that cause wrinkles around the mouth

Drying lips: The health of the tissue cells is reflected directly on the lips. When these cells are healthy, lips look vivid, full and youthful. Water, as in the whole body, is very important in the skin and lips. When the lips are dehydrated, they appear pale, dry, cracked and become more susceptible to some infections. So it is very important to keep the lips constantly moist.

Sunbathing: Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays is very harmful to the skin. It can also cause damage to the lip surfaces where the skin is too thin and cause serious problems. Lip balm with high factor sun protection is required to prevent damage to the lips. In this way, the lips remain moist and are also protected from harmful UV rays.

Smoking: Smoking is harmful for everything in our body, as well as producing free radicals that contribute to premature aging and increases the pigmentation of the skin, making it darker. Repeated lip contractions when smoking causes permanent wrinkles on the lips. Quitting smoking would be an ideal solution not only for our overall health, but also to protect against the effects of aging on the lips.

Chew: Chew here is not chew while eating! In today’s conditions, it is very difficult to stay away from stress in city life. Many people bite and chew on their lips because of stress or habits, and often unwittingly. It is very important to leave this because with constant stimuli you can disrupt your lip mucosa, damage your lip skin and bleed, even cause infections and create scars that can be permanent.

Smiling: Smiling is of course a beautiful thing, but when you use your facial muscles to smile again and again, you will notice the lines that appear on the sides of your lips when you make a lot of facial expressions. Of course you won’t stop smiling, but you can add skin care sessions to your beauty routine.

Whistling: With a mechanism similar to sipping through the pipette, whistling for a long time contributes to wrinkled skin around the mouth. Of course, as with all anti-aging methods, the most beautiful solution in these eight defective movements is the precaution. You should pay attention to these movements and avoid them. But there are still solutions. When toxins and mesotherapy methods are applied to these wrinkles, which we call “barcode lines” or “cigarette lines üstü on the lip and bottom, it is possible to obtain very efficient results.”