68 useful plants

SAGE: fixes the stomach and intestinal gas. Nausea and cuts. Digestion system to work properly. Soften the chest. Useful for patients with asthma.

  1. RASPBERRY: It cleans the blood, accumulated in the body of toxic substances in food. Sweat and a diuretic. It cures constipation. Gives vigor to the body.
  2. Anise: makes it easy to digest. Loss of appetite and removes the disgust felt for the food. Expectorant gastric and intestinal gas. Increases urine. On the other hand, vomiting and diarrhea.
  3. SUSPENDED: The leaves and stops bleeding with drugs. Gives strength to the body. Jaundice cuts. Stops diarrhea.
  4. AVOCADO: Multi-calorie, although it contains a super cell protector of glutathion, because the best antioxidant. Antioxidants slow down the aging of cells and prevent cancer. All of the fruits is one of the richest in terms of protein. Includes plenty of vitamin E. This vitamin regulates the heart and circulation while preserving the skin. Also contains potassium and vitamin B6. Are essential for women.
  5. AYRIKOTU: diuretic. Helps reduce kidney and bladder stones. The output of these resolves the inflammation.
  6. QUINCE: Diarrhea and dysentery cuts. It strengthens the stomach and intestines. The small intestine inflammation resolves. It cleans the blood. It relieves Çarpıntıyı.
  7. ALMOND: physical and mental fatigue. Kidney, bladder, and fixes the generative tract infections. Headache, Relieves liver and kidney.
  8. BROAD BEAN: Clears the urinary tract. It relieves kidney pain. Kidney inflammation resolves. Sand and helps with kidney stones.
  9. PEAS: Fresh and frozen peas can be used as B1, vitamin C, protein, fiber and folic acid. It is recommended to those problems in the nervous system.
  10. PEPPER: It strengthens the stomach. Appetizing and easy to digest. It prevents bleeding.
  11. BROCCOLI: to protect us against cancer and prolong our life is a great vegetable. One to one jaw bone because it contains large amounts of calcium. Mineral and iron deficiency that resolves broccoli, vitamin store. Broccoli enthusiasts bowel and lung cancer is rarely seen, much to the cardiovascular disease is rare. Prevents breast cancer in women.
  12. WHEAT: High-fiber foods the foundation of a healthy diet. Wheat bran from the outer bark, usually the type of food consumed in corn flakes. Whole wheat cookies, etc. made from wheat flour. keeps bowels regular and prevent constipation. Exceptionally nutritious grain of wheat extracts. The body absorbed calcium, iron and zinc are stored here. Nutritional value, which is higher than the potential of oats as wheat and maize, the intestine and rectum cancer include preventive factors. But, a little more difficult to digest than oats and corn.
  13. WALNUT TREE: The leaves and cleans the blood of their shells, prepared medications, anemia resolves. Diarrhea and dysentery cuts. Tuberculosis and diabetes and nutritious, as well as treatment abrasive. Hair dye is also used, and hands.
  14. Pine nuts: bronchitis, tuberculosis, lung diseases, heals quickly. Addresses the mental trauma. Heart diseases are also helpful.
  15. CUMIN: expectorant. Gives comfort to the body.
  16. STRAWBERRY: Fresh and juicy strawberries system cleaning. Also good for those with skin problems is a fruit. Kidney, urinary tract and bowel problems pleasurable for. Also strengthens the gums, tooth tartar, prevents the mouth and throat pain, eliminates odors. Where a high vitamin C such as strawberries, include high blood pressure and cholesterol lowering agents.
  17. Nigella: opens the appetite. Gives strength and vigor to the body. Makes it easy to digest. It removes the stomach and intestinal gas. If Kolanacak cuts headache.
  18. LAUREL: sweat, reduce fever. Gives comfort to the body. Urine and menstrual expectorant. Appetite. It relieves the nerve pain.
  19. Carrageen: Respiratory and digestive system removes nezlelerini. His body is also used as a feeder.
  20. Thistle: reduces fever. Sweat and body for added comfort.
  21. TOMATOES: cancer preventive and anti-aging and mental and physical slowing down as a vegetable. Contains vitamins C and E,. Tomatoes are a rich source of potassium and very little salt. It can help lower high blood pressure and prevents water retention.
  22. DUT: White mulberry leaves are a diuretic. Discharge water accumulated in the body. Eaten on an empty stomach, intestinal worms expectorant white mulberry.
  23. Mallow: Breast softens. Cough cuts. Prevents nausea and vomiting. Reduce the fire to the body for added comfort. Throat and tonsil inflammation resolves. Gum disease is treated.
  24. APPLE: An apple a day keeps the food away from your home doctor. If you eat two apples, you will be protected against heart and circulatory problems. Destroys cholesterol and prevents constipation. Makes it easy to digest. The smell relaxes and lowers blood pressure. Arthritis, rheumatism and gout are also useful against diseases.
  25. ARTICHOKE: urea in the blood and lowers cholesterol. A diuretic. Adjusts the amount of sugar in the blood. Hardening of the arteries and prevents heart disease. The sand helps to kidney loss.
  26. BASIL: Stops coughing. Dizziness stops. Bee bites are useful. Treats the wounds of the mouth. The smell of basil, such as mosquitoes and bedbugs misses vermin.
  27. Hazelnut: physical and mental fatigue. Gives strength to the body. Recovery circuit enables you to move quickly.
  28. Poppy: Shortness of breath, asthma and bronchitis for added comfort. Coughing up blood and prevents vomiting. Heal burns.
  29. Grapefruit: rich in vitamin C. Half a grapefruit provides sixty percent of daily vitamin C needs. The level of cholesterol lowering agent is pectin. Protective properties against cancer is. Appetite.
  30. Marshmallow: the mouth, throat and gum infections improves. Intestinal inflammation resolves.
  31. CARROT: five times a week, if eaten, according to Harvard’s research, women with heart infarction, stroke, reduce the risk of 68 percent. Two carrots a day for men been shown to reduce blood cholesterol by 10 percent. Eaten per day in a carrot halves the risk of lung cancer. Beta-Carotene Havuçtaki, addiction remains weak in the eyes of aging vision and strengthens the immune system. It prevents stomach and intestinal bleeding, anemia, fixes, increases breast milk, face and neck, removes wrinkles, urinary and intestinal gas expectorant, ülserdeki resolves complaints.
  32. Nettle: the accumulated blood to internal organs when it is applied to the outside wheel. Nose bleeding cuts. Expectorant.
  33. FIG: softens the intestines. It cures constipation. Bronchitis, cough and sore throat is useful for treating. It gives energy.
  34. CARNATION: kills germs. It relieves pain. Stimulates the nerves. Makes it easy to digest. Removes the odor. Appetite.
  35. THYME: It strengthens the body. Makes it easy to digest. Heart palpitation cuts. Improves bowel inflammation. Helps to reduce intestinal worms. Reduces the amount of sugar in the blood.
  36. Cinchona: reduces fever. Treat malaria. Tifoda useful. Appetite. Volume kaşıntılarında useful.
  37. KIWI: a kiwi, has twice the Vitamin C of oranges that. Rich in potassium. Facilitate digestion and prevent constipation.
  38. ROSE HIP: Very intense eyes due to the abundance of vitamin-friendly. Provides vitality to the body. Kuşburnunda equivalent to 100 grams of vitamin C are oranges in a crate. Rickets is a good drug, an effective blood cleanser. Strong wolf-lowering and intestinal yumuşatıcısıdır. Stomach cramps and beneficial to the challenges of the digestive system. Eliminates the pain of rheumatism. Gives good results in the treatment of hemorrhoids.
  39. CABBAGE: at the beginning of vegetables is known to be effective against cancer. Plenty of B, C and vitamin E, potassium. Especially effective against breast and cervical cancer. Accumulated in the body of toxic substances in food. Reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. It is good for jaundice, and gall bladder diseases. Useful in asthma.
  40. PARSLEY: an iron store. Maydanozda usually eaten fresh, calcium, potassium and vitamin A are. A pinch of parsley, meets most of the daily vitamin C needs. By running the urine makes the kidneys, the amount of blood sugar at normal levels and also protect against cancer.
  41. Angelica: The blood circulation. Sweat. If you kill bits will become dried angelica beaten back. Useful in asthma attacks.
  42. Liquorice: Flu, colds, shortness of breath, angina and is useful. Expectorant cough and sputum. Reduces high blood pressure.
  43. EGYPT: as high as 18.3 percent contain fiber. High carbohydrate content of corn, increase energy levels. In protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A and B2 are.
  44. BANANA: Folic acid, vitamin B6, potassium and a very rich fruit. Potassium prevents cramps. Quantity pleasurable pains to correct.
  45. NAR: It strengthens the body. Diarrhea. Nasal polyps are useful. Reduces the ribbon. His heart is strengthened. Stomach, bowel disease, small children and pregnant women should not use more.
  46. CHICKPEAS: It strengthens the body. Increases breast milk.
  47. Mistletoe: the heart beat increases. Vascular useful osteoarthritis. Sara used to stop bleeding, and lung.
  48. Potatoes do not eat fried weight does not care. Facilitates digestion, prevents constipation. Pleasurable against fatigue. Vitamin C and contains plenty of protein.
  49. LEEK: diuretic. It is good for stomach discomfort. It cures constipation. Haemorrhoidal useful. Sand and helps with kidney stones.
  50. ORANGE: a fruit that is full of Antioxidants. Contains all the substances known as cancer preventive. Also contains plenty of vitamin C.
  51. Cucumber: cucumber itself, or a tonic water, our skin clears up. Cucumber prevents constipation, kidney and heart diseases, helps to rid the water accumulated in the body.
  52. Salep: Cough and bronchitis are useful. Makes regular menstrual bleeding. Increases the strength of mind to run.
  53. ONION AND GARLIC: High blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Onion, the risk of developing cancer of the stomach, garlic also reduces the risk of developing bowel cancer. Brew of garlic substances in preventing cell damage, protects the body against premature aging. And breathlessness that resolves with antibiotic compounds in garlic strengthens the immune system.
  54. SOY: Anyone who wants to live long must consume soy. Soy, similar to the hormone estrogen in the functioning and the effects of this hormone contains a substance-watering and pruning the structure is extremely beneficial for women. Because, to accelerate cell failure-to give the over-production of the hormone estrogen, breast, uterine and cervical cancer increases the risk of getting too.
  55. CINNAMON: Ruhi fixes the problems. Sürmenajda useful. His heart is strengthened. Appetite, facilitates digestion.
  56. Tere: opens the appetite. Makes it easy to digest. Cleans bronchi, cough expectorant. Diuretic, cleanses the kidneys and urinary tract.
  57. TUNA FISH: Despite the very fat contains omega-3 fatty acids at a significant. This substance, high blood pressure, heart palpitations and severe migraine pains. In addition, the dryness of the skin and treat eczema. However, should be eaten as fresh. Canned tuna sold in the high vitamin D include, but is devoid of omega-3 fatty acids.
  58. TURP: kidney kills germs. Sand and stones will help you loss. Reduces swelling of the liver. Useful in jaundice. Helps to reduce gallstones. Rheumatism, sciatica, asthma and bronchitis are useful.
  59. GRAPES: Grape antioxidant known to have 20, while the black grapes, green grapes contain more. Blood makes the blood clean. Reduces high blood pressure. Sand and helps with kidney stones. Nutritious.
  60. CHERRY: diarrhea. Reduces fever. A diuretic. Gives comfort to the body.
  61. Allspice: Prevents Hardening of the arteries. Makes it easy to digest. Fixes the stomach and intestinal gas.
  62. YOGHURT: barınanları gut bacteria in various organs of the body, the digestive system is important in terms of regular work. These bacteria, infections, and we were forced to undergo an infectious disease may be attacked by antibiotics. This can destroy the digestive system. Yogurt solves this problem, decreasing the amount of bacteria and makes the normal level and prevents infections, as well as fights with them. Also stimulates the immune system. The rate of calcium from milk
    which is more than yogurt, milk protein content is equal.
  63. OATS: addresses the challenges of children’s digestion. Addresses the mental and physical exhaustion. Reduces the amount of sugar in the blood.
  64. EU, are: useful for diabetics. Nutritious. Increases the body’s resistance. It cures constipation.
  65. GINGER: opens the appetite. Prevents vomiting. Bowel disorders fixes.
  66. OLIVE: Olive oil, increases bile. The liver to work. Reduces the liver aches. Useful in jaundice. Leaf and bark lowers high blood pressure. Reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. Helps reduce intestinal worms.

68 SPINACH: heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, eye diseases of aging, cancer, or even effective against psychic ahatsızlıklara a vegetable.