10 Effects of hair loss that

10 Effects of hair loss that

Effects of hair loss that To protect your hair do not do them anymore.

  1. Do not rub your hands to your hair too Your hair and take your hands often will damage your hair or play with a minimum temperature saçlarinizla. How? Of course yaglandirarak. Furthermore, in this, an image is not very sexy.
10 Effects of hair loss that
10 Effects of hair loss that

You bring your hands every hair, hair bottoms çekistirmeleriniz be notified and the oil starts to be secreted as a result. This oil, hair spread all throughout the day your hair every time you touch your hair, and, unfortunately, you will have to collect. In this case there are two things you need to do: keep your hands away from your hair and shampoo your hair for a while to extend the period.

2. Scan your hair correctly Does your hair from roots to ends scanning? Attention! This is another way to give your hair is breaking and will not hurt them or you comb your hair under the shower, try to open the help, if you want to brush them when slightly damp after bathing. Need to do is move, starting from the tip of hair roots, opened up the right to progress.

3. Multi-scan More scan your hair during the day, such as to disturb the shape of your hair, giving rise to their lubrication. Especially if you have a beautiful bukleleriniz, make sure that after a while they will start to look like broken mohair. But the hair mats and air did not take no for taramasaniz may start to fall. Do not have a middle of what it? Of course there is. Best of all, your hair after a bath before going to bed at night and crawl to the systematic. Finally, let’s add: curly hair is difficult to scanning, so you must use a large comb-ended.

4. Thoroughly rinse A shampoo your hair with slightly residue, their matlasip elektriklenmesine is enough. The solution, rinse your hair for at least four minutes to spare, of course, your hair gets longer, this period will also increase. And the result, to slip through your fingertips will be soft and shiny hair.

5. Use the right BLEACHES BLEACHES contains alcohol, too much used, can cause your hair dry and matte. To get rid of these effects, gradually apply the product to your hair in small quantities. The first stage, and the effect of applying an amount less than the amount that can apply after seeing the other.

6. Hair care products that silicon Shampoos, hair creams and hair products, many located in the silicon, gives the hair shine and softness. But it seems like the perfect, silicon is actually much damage to the hair over time. This product is dehydrated because of the hair remains, cansizlasan hairs and the natural shape of the structure begins to deteriorate. One other bad news, the silicon material is cleaning hair is very difficult. The best possible precautions, be sure to use products contain silicone in the show. Saçlaraysa must necessarily have been exposed to silicone detox. Too much for this product are left out, we recommend Christophe Robin `s Antioxidant Milk Lavender.

7. Hair straighteners hair dries A very useful tool, but unfortunately, more use of that yadsimiyoruz, significantly damaging to your hair. Hair straighteners when used every day, your hair will begin to burn slowly, over time, eventually dries and breaks matlasip. The most effective solution is to use straighteners less, such as at least two times a week. However, the fund in order to prevent the harmful effects of “thermal” You can also use preservatives.

8. To cut the hair kiriklarinizi Broken and bifurcated hair, your hair does not shine. Unedged fractures grow with time, so over time güçsüzlesir and dull hair. Once broken hairs never gather itself, so the only solution, which is broken from the cut. Here you have two options: either your hair or just the fractures that do not care to estimate its size kisiltarak also can make a cut. Do not forget, however, is a competent hairdresser you need to have a second option.

9. Use different shampoos When it comes to face creams, “Always use the same brand, same product,” we say, but it’s the exact opposite for shampoos. After a certain point, used for a long time to show effect baslarlar shampoos. In normal scalp cells renew themselves every month, but it is not hair cells. So get used to shampoo hair wires and becomes saturated. Best thing to do is to create an alternative, for example, using a wash, shampoo for dyed hair, and the other generating a volume shampoo can be used for washing.

10. Do not wet hair streets Wet hair in the air it absorbs all the dirt and dust. Scalp and hair with wires sticking islakligiyla dust and dirt, hair and dandruff can cause skin iritasyonlara. Especially in the Gurs hair, hair-bottoms, or even less, the weather will take a lot of these effects may be subject to